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exercise hula hoopexercise hula hoop

Preventing the Weighted Workout Hoop from getting stuck is crucial for an effective workout.

Proper Initiation with the Weighted Workout Hoop:

Keep your legs naturally apart, shoulder-width, and maintain an upright and relaxed posture.

Swing the power ball horizontally with your hands to give the gravity ball momentum, initiating the rotation of the Weighted Workout Hoop.

Maintain Circular Movements in the Waist and Hips:

Once the Weighted Workout Hoop is in motion, ensure that your waist follows the direction of the power ball in a twisting motion.

This helps to prevent the Weighted Workout Hoop from getting stuck, enhancing calorie burn and workout effectiveness.

Maintain an appropriate rotation speed to avoid insufficient power and potential sticking.

Wear a Waist Trainer Belt:

Wear a specialized Waist Trainer Belt to protect your skin and prevent pinching or clothing from getting caught in the Weighted Workout Hoop, avoiding sticking.

Personal Adjustments:

Make minor adjustments based on personal comfort and feeling.

Everyone’s body shape and exercise habits are different, so it’s advisable to fine-tune movements based on personal experience, finding the most suitable approach.

weighted hula hoopweighted hula hoop

Press the Button to Open the Weighted Workout Hoop

After completing the exercise, grasp two adjacent sections with both hands. Rotate the main structure of the Weighted Workout Hoop towards the waist, narrowing the gap between the two adjacent sections. Then, use both thumbs to press the button, easily opening the Weighted Workout Hoop.

Please note: If the weighted ball you received is already filled with filler material, you do not need to open it to fill it with water.

infinity hula hoopinfinity hula hoop

infinity hoop plusinfinity hoop plus

smart weighted fitness hoopsmart weighted fitness hoop

Weight loss exercise program-This Weighted Workout Hoop for exercise is a comfortable, effective, and fun way to burn up to 600-800 calories in an hour. This weighted excise hoop offers more complete and entertaining workouts. Start hooping, burn more calories, and get your desired figure. We also add a Exercise belt + Measuring ruler for you, so that you can better protect the waist under high intensity exercise, and use the waist measure to record your weight loss plan!

Upgraded Quiet Weighted Workout Hoop-The latest upgraded model of the silent Cozylady fitness hoops, between the Detachable Knots not only increased the buffer layer but also upgraded the rollers material, significantly reducing the noise(only 30 decibels). According to the decibel meter calculations, our hula can reach one-third of the current market intelligent weighted hoop decibels. Make your ears more comfortable, can be used anywhere,Reduce the impact of noise on others.

3-level counter mode-You can switch to any mode you want to track your exercise intensity, 1: Time tracking mode, record your total exercise time. 2: Calorie consumption mode, record the calories you burn during exercise. 3: Rotation count mode, record the total number of rotations you make with the Smart Weighted Hula. Come and experience the different modes of exercise tracking!

smart weighted hula hoopsmart weighted hula hoop

No more worries about Weighted Workout Hoop breaking!

Selecting an Weighted Workout Hoop with quality materials ensures your training plan stays uninterrupted.

Crafted from PP material, distinct from cheap plastics or easily breakable ABS, Weighted Workout Hoop offer high strength, good flexibility, increased hardness, and stability—ideal for intense training sessions.

Bid farewell to interruptions in your weight loss plan caused by hoop breakage or the ball flying out.

Opt for our Weighted Workout Hoop for a durable and reliable fitness experience!

waist hoop for weight losswaist hoop for weight loss

weight hula hoopweight hula hoop

weighted exercise hoopweighted exercise hoop

Never Fall Off+560 massage points-The upgraded Smart quiet weighted hoops are easier to use and never fall off. As the weighted fit hula rotates rapidly, the massage head (stronger spring and upgraded massage head with 560 massage points) will deeply massage your muscles, helping you lose weight and eliminate fatigue quickly. In particular, our weighted hoops are especially suitable for women who train for postpartum waist training and working people who sit in the office for a long time.

2024-upgraded version quality: 1: You can assemble your Weighted Workout Hoop more smoothly, and the disassembly is easy for beginners to operate. 2: Using higher quality product materials, it is no longer easy to break and the quality is more guaranteed. 3: The fitting embedded joints, no longer stuck, no longer pinch your skin, can make your rotation process more smooth.

Enjoy exercise anytime, anywhere share it with those around you-Share your new fashionable way of exercising with more friends, and get your first like on social media!

weighted fitness hoopweighted fitness hoop

weighted hoola hoopweighted hoola hoop

infinite hoop

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