Price: $18.99 - $14.99
(as of Apr 12, 2024 17:41:46 UTC – Details)

SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: In addition to being safe and environmentally friendly, this enema kit is made from high quality rubber and medical grade silicone for a soft and comfortable fit. Whether you need to flush your colon or clean out your vagina, this kit will get you there.
MULTI-SITUATION USE: This 2 liter enema bag is not only great for cleansing the colon and relieving constipation for both men and women, it’s also perfect for cleaning your bathtub and kitchen sink. Just hang it up high for easy access!
EXCELLENT INSULATION: As well as being used for enemas, it can also be used as a hot water bag when filled with hot water – don’t forget to use a plug to keep the spout securely sealed.
HIGH-END DESIGN:It has a large water inlet that is super easy to clean and a small outlet with a control valve that makes it easy to regulate the amount of liquid that flows. How convenient is that? The enema kit is amazing! And guess what? It’s suitable for both men and women! Plus, the enema bag and accessories can be reused after washing with warm water.
EASY TO OPERATE: You can enjoy a hydrotherapy anal enema in your bathroom or bedroom by filling the bag with the prepared liquid, connecting the accessories according to the instructions, hanging at the appropriate height and using the valve to control the flow of liquid.

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