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Aquatic Fitness Set for Water Aerobics
Water workout dumbbells
The dumbbells are perfect for water resistance exercises to build upper body strength, a great way to strengthen or rehabilitate muscles underwater with durable premier quality EVA foam disks on soft padded hand bar.
Hand grips are cushioned for comfort. Unlike traditional free weights, water dumbbells are light and portable when out of the water. Made of EVA foam for durability, they are UV and water resistant for hygiene and are incredibly fast drying.
Pull Buoy
The purpose of pull buoy is to create extra buoyancy for your hips, to bring your body position in line so you are more streamlined. This can help you to focus on the rest of your stroke, build core strength, slow down your stroke –to improve your overall swimming.
The best position for your pull buoy is between your upper thighs, so it should be gripped just below the crotch. However, this will cause your legs to bend and your hips to drop, which will increase your drag.
Webbed Swim Gloves
Two neoprene aqua fitness gloves and rubber palms material, thick, firm, soft, elastic, comfortable to wear, will not hurt the skin, durable and strong.
The swimming gloves are easy to get on and off; And with the adjustable wrist strap, you don’t need to worry that it falls off in water.
The design of the webbed finger is to increase propulsion through the water, and the finger out design make it more flexible and breathable when doing swimming training.
The swimming gloves are suitable for aquatic fitness class, surfing, and bodyboarding; With our gloves, you can enjoy your diving and prevent your hands from getting hurt when diving, they also can keep your hands warm.
Help you to get smoother movement in water for a more comfortable upper body out and increased propulsion through the water.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: The water dumbbells and pull buoy are made of long-lasting EVA foam that dries quickly between uses, and will not fall apart. Be easy to grip, durable, and provide resistance!
A LOW IMPACT & VIGOROUS WAY TO GET A WORKOUT: Use this pair of webbed gloves to add resistance in the water during your workouts to help strengthen your upper body. Water-based aerobics provide an opportunity to exercise in a low-impact environment, without the jarring impact that can be harsh on joints.
HELP YOUR BODY BECOME HEALTHY: This aquatic fitness set are a perfect way to get a great workout for those who want a strictly low-impact workout. Whether it’s because you are coming off injury, or take it easy on your joints, these are awesome for working your back, shoulders, arms and chest, helping you get stronger and get in better shape.
COMFORTABLE HUMANIZED DESIGN: The way that aquatic dumbbells work is that they take advantage of the water’s natural resistance. On top of this, aquatic dumbbells are extremely buoyant, which makes it challenging to keep them submerged, providing an added dimension of resistance.
PERFECT AQUATIC FITNESS EQUIPMENT: Although all you truly need is a swim-suit to hop into the water, there are some effective piece of water exercise equipment that you can use to boost the efficacy and enjoyment of your workouts.

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