Price: $11.99 - $9.99
(as of Mar 07, 2024 08:37:15 UTC – Details)

THOUGHTFUL LAYOUT. Simple, clean, and time-tested. Plenty of space to record exercises, weights, reps, cardio and notes. Before purchasing, we recommend you download the “Standard Template” PDF file from our website and print it to make sure the layout suits you.
SUPERIOR QUALITY. Thick 100 GSM paper, durable plastic cover, and high-quality binding. Done right, using high-quality materials and with attention to detail.
FOCUSED ON THE ESSENTIALS. Our logbooks do not contain “useful resources” like motivational quotes, recipes, tips, advice, and other useless fillers. As well as predefined workout routines – we do not tell you how to exercise. Each logbook contains 160 pages: 152 workout-tracking pages, 5 – dotted pages at the end, and two pages for tracking personal records and body measurements. The first page is for the owner’s name and phone number.
APP. We have a free workout logging app. This app has a scan feature to transfer data from notepad to digital form, subject to certain conditions. Please visit our website for more information.

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