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Enhance your workout, maximize results, and sweat harder! Great for cardio, circuit, and high-intensity interval training, our sweat cream can even be used while swimming and in dry or infrared saunas. For the best results, use this Sweet Sweat oil with our Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmers. Our belly sweat cream’s convenient roll-on stick applicator makes it simple to apply on your skin and reach those hard to get areas. For the optimal results, simply apply our fit gel to “slow-to-respond” areas and get moving! The clean and fresh scent of our Sweet Sweat body gel will keep you smelling great both during and after exercise. Enhance your workout experience by applying a thin, even layer prior to your fitness routine. Even though our ab sweat cream is great on its own, we highly recommend combining it with our waist trimmer to get the most from all your workouts. Just combine our tummy toning gel with our neoprene trimmers for a superior post-exercise drip.
MAKE YOUR WORKOUT WORK FOR YOU: Elevate your next cardio, circuit, or HIIT session with the Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer Roll-On Gel Stick, the topical gel designed to help you sweat, slim and tone as you achieve your fitness goals
SWEAT FASTER, SWEAT HARDER: Activated by your elevated heart rate, Sweet Sweat gels are designed to help get you sweating harder and faster during exercise
FOR THE BEST RESULTS: Break a better sweat when you use our Sweet Sweat gel stick with our Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer, and get ready to maximize your workout and enhance your sweat
EASY TO APPLY: The convenient roll-on stick applicator makes it easy to spread on your skin and to get those hard-to-reach places, and it can be used to target your belly, midsection, arms, legs or other stubborn areas
TRUSTED BY THE PROFESSIONALS: An official sponsor of UFC, Sweet Sweat gels are fighter-approved and is the workout enhancer of choice for athletes who want to maximize their workouts

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