Most dogs appear to share a mutual life expectancy range, giving us about 10-13 good years. But some dogs make the list for having a longer life expectancy. In fact, there are accounts of dogs living well over two decades. Even though this list for dog breeds with long lifespans, it does not include Bluey, Australian Cattle dog that holds the global record for the longest dog that ever lived.

Bluey passed away in 1939 at the mature age of 29 years old! Quite remarkable for that breed, and it makes you wonder other breeds hold long life expectancy records right? Here is a list of the 25 dog breeds with the longest life span, along with their average life expectancy. In general, smaller dogs live longer than their larger peers, so you’ll notice several small dogs on the list. Click through this gallery to discover with dog breeds on average life the longest lives!



Maximum Life Span: 20 Years

Average Life Span: 17 Years

Best known for its star performance as the Taco Bell mascot, the chihuahua is the smallest dog breed and hence one of the longest lasting. These dogs were named after a state in the country of Mexico. You can have either a smooth or long coat chihuahua, which is just a variation of the dog breed.