The 4 Best Protein Shaker Bottle (Updates 2019)

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, a gym junkie or an athlete, you are sure to have used a protein shaker sometime in your life. And, if the protein shaker is not already a part of your gym kit, then you should surely invest in one. Protein shakers are an important accessory for every person who is into fitness. It allows you make your protein shake quickly or mix your protein powder with water, milk, shake or smoothie quickly without any clumps for a tasty and healthy drink.

A protein shaker bottle is a simple but excellent accessory to own. It is a regular bottle made of plastic or steel, which has a small stainless-steel whisk ball made of wire at the bottom that allows you to mix and blend your shake. The first protein shake bottle was invented by BlenderBottle way back in the year 2004; however, the concept became popular and caught on only around 2010.

Initially, when protein shaker bottles were first introduced, they were simple contraptions, where you had to just add your protein into the bottle, add water or milk and give it a good shake. Today, however, you may be rather surprised with the plethora of different options available when you actually set out to buy a protein shaker bottle.

The modern avatars of these protein bottles have separate compartments that allow you to store your protein powder that lets you mix it quickly whenever you need it, your vitamins and other supplements. You have dual-sided protein shakers where you can store your pre-workout supplement on one side and the protein in the second compartment and some even have an electric blender at the bottle’s base that lets you blend your protein shake to a smooth creamy beverage. But, the most important thing when buying a protein shaker bottle is that it should shake up the ingredients well without forming lumps and it should be leak-proof and not make a mess while you’re mixing.

Buying the best protein shaker bottle can be quite a mind-boggling process; however, it is a good idea to determine some of the factors before deciding the best protein shaker bottle for you. In this article, we have discussed some of the factors to consider and have also reviewed some of the best protein shakers in the market.

Selecting the Best Protein Shaker Bottle



A very important thing to consider when buying a protein shaker bottle is the material of the bottle. While, plastic bottles are the most commonly used, ensure that the plastic is food grade and BPA-free. However, buying a stainless-steel protein shake bottle is the safest and most durable too, but stainless steel bottles are also more expensive compared to plastic.




Always check the size of the protein shake bottle. While this really depends on your personal preference, buy a larger-sized bottle that has the capacity to hold more than the size of your drink, as you need sufficient space for the protein powder and also to shake the contents properly. Don’t buy a 16 oz shake bottle if you want 15 oz. of the shake. You will just end up making a huge mess with powder all over and clumps in your shake, as the bottle does not have sufficient space for the shake to mix properly. Look for a bottle that will allow you to shake well and give you a smooth, creamy and well-blended shake.

Always, check the capacity of the shake bottle from the product description and not on basis of the appearance, as some shakers look large and tall as they may have a storage compartment for the protein powder and the actual volume may be much lesser. Also, it’s a good idea to get a slimmer cup, as a very wide cup will not fit into your car cup holder. However, a wider cup may be more stable and will not tip over easily. So, always look at your specific use case and where you’ll be using your protein shake bottle before buying the right size.


Manual or Automatic

You must decide whether you want a protein shake bottle that is manual or automatic. The traditional shake bottle usually contains a ball that helps to whisk the mixture when you shake the bottle manually. These are time-consuming compared to the automatic varieties and also quite noisy. However, these manual bottles are more durable and long lasting. Also, manual shake bottles are inexpensive.

Automatic shake bottles, on the other hand, are more convenient and with a simple push of a button, you can get a smoothly blended protein shake in a few seconds. However, you need to monitor the status of the battery and the battery will require replacement often. Also, automatic shake bottles are more delicate compared to the manual ones.


Screw-On or Flip Lock Lid

Protein shake bottles are very popular because they are extremely portable and you can carry the bottle wherever you go. However, the most common problem with protein shake bottles is that they are prone to leakage. To prevent this, consider the type of cap of the bottle before you buy it, whether you want a screw-on or a flip lock lid. Screw-on lids are more leak-proof compared to flip-top ones, but you need to turn the lid completely until it closes or opens, whereas, flip lock lids are easier to handle and you can just flip it open using your thumb. If you are looking for a flip top bottle, then look for a brand that guarantees the bottle being spill-proof.


Odor Resistant

When buying a protein shake bottle, the most important thing to look out is that it should be odor-free and not retain the smell of the shake you had earlier. Also, when you don’t use the bottle for a long time, it can get smelly. Choose a bottle that is free from any type of odor and when cleaned it should not retain any odor.


Additional Features

A protein shake bottle with additional features can be an added advantage, such as extra space for storing things like protein powder, vitamins, etc. Also, a bottle with a good grip is a huge advantage. And, finally, look for a bottle that is food grade and not manufactured using chemicals that can be dangerous to your health.

Let us now take a look at some of the best protein shake bottles available in the market.


Reviews of the Top Protein Shake Bottles

BlenderBottle Classic

The BlenderBottle Classic is the legendary mixing cup, where the protein shake bottle began. This was the first model of the bottle which was launched way back in 2004 and has been the most popular one in the market. The BlenderBottle Classic is available in 3 different sizes – 20 oz., 28 oz and 32 oz and in 17 different colors that you’re really spoilt for choice.

The bottle is equipped with a flip cap that can be easily opened and closed and allows you to use the bottle even when you’re on the move. And, the cap is 100% leak-proof, that fits snugly and once the flip top is closed, it does not leak. The bottle has an adjustable loop that allows you to clip it onto your gym bag or backpack. The protein shake bottle is really easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Made of BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic, the BlenderBottle Classic is very durable and is very safe to use.

The BlenderBottle Classic features the unique BlenderBall, which is made of surgical steel that acts as a whisk and the bottle is so versatile that you can use it to blend your protein shakes, smoothies, pre-workout drinks and even your pancake batter. So, if you’re looking for an affordable yet uniquely designed protein shake bottle, then the BlenderBottle Classic is an excellent buy.


SmartShake Shaker Cup

Another extremely popular option, the SmartShake Shaker Cup is a 20 oz. cup which features a stackable design. You can easily blend your thick shakes, smoothies and even eggs to make your omelet in the SmartShake bottle and the bottle is equipped with a honeycomb strainer that helps to strain out all the lumps.

The SmartShake bottle has 3 compartments which allow you to keep your powders, liquids, supplements and snacks in different compartments and the interchangeable compartments allow you to screw on various sections. And, the best part is that the SmartShake Cup is available in 22 exciting color combinations that you can choose from.

Made of DHEF- and BPA-free food grade material, the SmartShake bottle is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, which makes the shake bottle super useful as you can use it to heat up your beverages or even cool or freeze them directly. “Designed for real life”, the SmartShake Shaker Cup is indeed a versatile and useful protein shake bottle to buy.


ProMixx Vortex Shake Bottle

Also, popularly known as the “original vortex mixer”, the ProMixx Vortex shake bottle is a portable mini blender. The bottle has a blender that is powered by a battery-powered motor that is attached to the bottom portion of the shake bottle which can be detached to make the bottle lighter while you’re drinking from it. The bottle’s leak-proof design ensures that the liquid stays intact and does not spill out of the bottle.

The ProMixx Vortex is quite powerful and apart from just making your protein shakes in it, you can also use it to blend your coffee, thick smoothies, yogurt and even your eggs. You can use the ProMixx Vortex to blend both hot, as well as cold beverages.

The best part is that although it is a blender, it is discreet and super-quiet and you can’t hear it even when you turn it on anywhere at all, at home, in your gym or at your workplace. The ProMixx Vortex is very easy to clean. All you need to do is add 1-2 drops of detergent, fill it with water, turn on the blender and the entire cup will get cleaned in a jiffy.

Making your protein shake has never been so easy, you can have it ready in just 5 seconds with the press of a button. So, if you’re looking for a super easy way to make your protein shakes, then you should definitely consider the Promixx Vortex.


Pro Blend Glass Shaker

If you like drinking your beverages from a glass bottle, then you should definitely go in for the Pro Blend Glass Shaker. Made of 4 mm shatter-resistant, tough, high-strength glass, the Pro Blend Shaker is among the few glass bottle shakers available in the market. Using a glass bottle shaker instead of a plastic one is an environmentally-friendly option too.

The glass shake bottle has a silicone sleeve that allows you to grip the shaker firmly and also protects it from breaking if you happen to drop it accidentally. The Pro Blend Shaker has a lock-tight seal cap that prevents the liquid from leaking out and the handy clip on the side of the lid allows you to snap it or hang it to your bag easily.

The capacity of the Pro Blend Glass Shaker is 28 oz. and you have the option of 5 different colored covers. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to the regular plastic protein shaker, then the Pro Blend Glass Shaker is indeed a great option and the most popular one too.

There are several protein shake bottle options available today. While some models are very basic and allow you to just mix your shake, others have more features such as inbuilt electric motors to give you silky smooth drinks, others have several compartments where you can store your supplements, vitamins, powders, etc.

Finally, the choice of a protein shaker comes down to the functionality you’re looking for and your personal preference. So, it’s a good idea to evaluate the various options available and the features of the various shake bottles before deciding on the one that you like best and would like to use on a daily basis.