A Couch Potato’s Guide to Weight Loss

If you just can not seem to find the motivation within yourself to go to a gym to lose weight, I have a few tips for you.
My inspiration for this article came from my sister who, at 5’3″ 230 lbs, is considered to be obese. I have encouraged her time and time again to lose weight for obvious health reasons.

We have gotten up early on crisp fall mornings for four mile walks (this only lasted about three weeks before she gave up). I once signed a three year contract at a gym in order to be there for her as support (we attended that gym for about two weeks).

Due to financial problems my sister can’t join a health club. So, what did I do? I offered to pay for her a membership to a local YMCA for as long as she desires. Finally, my sister tells me that money problems are not the reason why she can’t join a fitness club. She said that if she can lose weight laying on the couch then and only then will she lose weight.

I told her that she very well can lose weight just by sitting on the couch. And here’s how:

Drink plenty of water. Drinking water increases your metabolism and gives a full feeling.

Replace sugar added beverages with sugar-free ones. Sugar is a major producer of fat on our bodies.

Get plenty of rest. When your body is at rest, it doesn’t have to work so hard to perform essential processes.

Remove tempting foods from your home. If every time you wanted a snack cake you had to drive to a store to get it, you will get tired of doing so.

Eat multiple smaller meals throughout the day rather than three larger ones. Eating smaller meals allows your body to have the feeling of fullness all day. When you wait hours on end for your next meal, when you finally get it you feel starved and overeat. These smaller meals will also boost your metabolism because your body will not need to store so much energy because it is constantly being fed energy.

Give up white bread and white rice. These two are high on the carb list and their effects on the body can be noticed greatly in the stomach area.

Results will vary. You may begin to feel more energized and feel and look great. You may then feel good enough to take it to the next level-THE GYM!!! Good luck.