5 Powerful Habits You Should Know To Stay Healthy (#3 is Gold!)

It isn’t easy to adopt the habit of eating healthy and exercising with a consistency, and staying fit and healthy is something even harder. However, once you get into a good rhythm of healthy habits, the challenges will decline gradually. But for that you need consistency, goals and more importantly, motivation.
Here are 5 habits that you can adopt today to help you staying fit and healthier in the future.

1. Use Fewer Processed Foods

The food that we eat daily are being processed in some way, but chemically processed foods, which are being made from un-real ingredients, and high in sugar level and lower in the important nutrients, need to be avoided.
In short, when you go shopping at the grocery store next time, try adding fewer packaged food items, such as frozen meals, granola bars and chips, to your shopping cart.

2. Try to Bring A Consistency in Exercise

If you don’t have your own gym gear at home or the nearest gym is miles away (that’s my case), that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay fit. Sometimes very small activities that we perform can make all the difference.
Try to figure out creative ways and activities for fitness to add to your schedule. No matter how busy your schedule is, you can always bring in an activity . For example, try doing stretches and squats while you are talking on the phone, or use the stairs instead of the lifts.

3. Eat More Than 3 Meals A Day

An average person is used to eating three meals every day. This starts in the morning with a decent breakfast (the food that they eat before going school or work). Then comes a lunch in the mid-day, when they return back home. Finally comes the dinner, after which they decide halting the day. Apart from these, whenever they get hungry in-between, they prefer grabbing a snack.
Eat only when you are hungry – abstain eating out of stress or boredom. You can pack up some healthy snacks for the untimed hunger, which will be further discussed.

4. Keep Snacks in Advance

Sometimes we see ourselves consuming so much of junk food just because it can be easily available. More of the credits to this goes to laziness. That’s right! We find cutting a slice of an apple, or going to the refrigerator and getting the almond butter and some bread as so much of a convenience that we prefer grabbing a chips bag instead.
Pack up your snacks before you leave for work or school. They don’t have to be the complicated ones – it can be a small bag of homemade popcorn, or chips (you can make them the night before). Similarly, you can keep fresh fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator at home, so that it can be easy to access when you return home and are hungry for a snack or two.

5. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Comparing and judging yourself based on others can be tempting, but researches have proved that it can be harmful for you. For instance, if you are comparing yourself to someone, then you are hurting your self-worth, leading to a lower self-esteem and energy.
Make your own goals. Following others ambitions and habits can never make you something. What you are going to be is a secret combination of characteristics and notions which only you can know. So if you follow someone to make yourself better or like them, then you are doing nothing better than destroying your mind.