11 Warning Body Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Are you hiding something? Are you avoiding listening to your body telling you it’s sick, lacking something, or has too much of something? Humans are very good at avoidance – avoiding problems and potential health concerns. If you want to remain as fit as a fiddle for as long as possible, you can’t stay ignorant forever. Instead, you need to be on the lookout for any irregularities and changes in your body. You know it better than anyone – so you will know if something’s not quite right! Below, we cover 11 critical things your body is trying to tell you – 11 things you shouldn’t ignore! From irregular bowel movements to chest pain, headaches, and fatigue, there is bound to be at least one symptom that matches a problem you are facing or have done in the past. Number five may also have you jumping into action sooner rather than later! Take note and put yourself and your body on the fast track to health and happiness.  


Anyone can be tired at any point in the day, but there is often a reason. You might not have slept well, you’ve had a busy week, or you’ve been stressed about something. If you’re tired for the sake of being tired, something else might be afoot. It might be time to look into a possible nutritional imbalance or a thyroid problem. However, given how common fatigue is as a symptom, it’s worth visiting your GP for a closer look.